Easton’s Bible Dictionary

  1. Heb. gib'eah, a curved or rounded hill, such as are common to Palestine (Psalm 65:12; 72:3; 114:4,6).
  2. Heb. har, properly a mountain range rather than an individual eminence (Exodus 24:4,12,13,18; Numbers 14:40,44,45). In Deuteronomy 1:7, Joshua 9:1; 10:40; 11:16, it denotes the elevated district of Judah, Benjamin, and Ephraim, which forms the watershed between the Mediterranean and the Dead Sea.
  3. Heb. ma'aleh in 1 Samuel 9:11. Authorized Version "hill" is correctly rendered in the Revised Version "ascent."
  4. In Luke 9:37 the "hill" is the Mount of Transfiguration.