Easton’s Bible Dictionary

  1. Heb. hatsabh. Job 19:24, rendered "graven," but generally means hewn stone or wood, in quarry or forest.
  2. Heb. harush. Jeremiah 17:1, rendered "graven," and indicates generally artistic work in metal, wood, and stone, effected by fine instruments.
  3. Heb. haqaq. Ezekiel 4:1, engraving a plan or map, rendered "pourtray;" Job 19:23, "written."
  4. Heb. pasal points rather to the sculptor's or the carver's art (Isaiah 30:22; 40:19; 41:7; 44:12-15).
  5. Pathah refers to intaglio work, the cutting and engraving of precious stones (Exodus 28:9-11,21; Zechariah 3:9; Song of Solomon 1:10,11).
  6. Heret. In Exodus 32:4 rendered "graving tool;" and in Isaiah 8:1, "a pen."