Easton’s Bible Dictionary

Field : (Heb. sadeh), a cultivated field, but unenclosed. It is applied to any cultivated ground or pasture (Genesis 29:2; 31:4; 34:7), or tillage (Genesis 37:7; 47:24). It is also applied to woodland (Psalm 132:6) or mountain top (Judges 9:32,36; 2 Samuel 1:21). It denotes sometimes a cultivated region as opposed to the wilderness (Genesis 33:19; 36:35). Unwalled villages or scattered houses are spoken of as "in the fields" (Deuteronomy 28:3,16; Leviticus 25:31; Mark 6:36,56). The "open field" is a place remote from a house (Genesis 4:8; Leviticus 14:7,53; 17:5). Cultivated land of any extent was called a field (Genesis 23:13,17; 41:8; Leviticus 27:16; Ruth 4:5; Nehemiah 12:29).

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