Acts 27:1-26 Darby’s Translation

Paul Sails for Rome

27 1  But when it had been determined that we should sail to Italy, they delivered up Paul and certain other prisoners to a centurion, by name Julius, of Augustus' company. 2  And going on board a ship of Adramyttium about to navigate by the places along Asia, we set sail, Aristarchus, a Macedonian of Thessalonica, being with us. 3  And the next day we arrived at Sidon. And Julius treated Paul kindly and suffered him to go to his friends and refresh himself. 4  And setting sail thence we sailed under the lee of Cyprus, because the winds were contrary. 5  And having sailed over the waters of Cilicia and Pamphylia we came to Myra in Lycia: 6  and there the centurion having found a ship of Alexandria sailing to Italy, he made us go on board her. 7  And sailing slowly for many days, and having with difficulty got abreast of Cnidus, the wind not suffering us, we sailed under the lee of Crete abreast of Salmone; 8  and coasting it with difficulty we came to a certain place called Fair Havens, near to which was [the] city of Lasaea. 9  And much time having now been spent, and navigation being already dangerous, because the fast also was already past, Paul counselled them, 10  saying, Men, I perceive that the navigation will be with disaster and much loss, not only of the cargo and the ship, but also of our lives. 11  But the centurion believed rather the helmsman and the shipowner than what was said by Paul.

12  And the harbour being ill adapted to winter in, the most counselled to set sail thence, if perhaps they might reach Phoenice to winter in, a port of Crete looking north-east and south-east.

The Storm at Sea

13  And [the] south wind blowing gently, supposing that they had gained their object, having weighed anchor they sailed close in shore along Crete. 14  But not long after there came down it a hurricane called Euroclydon. 15  And the ship being caught and driven, and not able to bring her head to the wind, letting her go we were driven [before it]. 16  But running under the lee of a certain island called Clauda, we were with difficulty able to make ourselves masters of the boat; 17  which having hoisted up, they used helps, frapping the ship; and fearing lest they should run into Syrtis and run aground, and having lowered the gear they were so driven. 18  But the storm being extremely violent on us, on the next day they threw cargo overboard, 19  and on the third day with their own hands they cast away the ship furniture. 20  And neither sun nor stars appearing for many days, and no small storm lying on us, in the end all hope of our being saved was taken away.

21  And when they had been a long while without taking food, Paul then standing up in the midst of them said, Ye ought, O men, to have hearkened to me, and not have made sail from Crete and have gained this disaster and loss. 22  And now I exhort you to be of good courage, for there shall be no loss at all of life of [any] of you, only of the ship. 23  For an angel of the God, whose I am and whom I serve, stood by me this night, 24  saying, Fear not, Paul; thou must stand before Caesar; and behold, God has granted to thee all those that sail with thee. 25  Wherefore be of good courage, men, for I believe God that thus it shall be, as it has been said to me. 26  But we must be cast ashore on a certain island.

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