Could the Shroud of Turin Really be the Burial Garment of Jesus?

Could the Shroud of Turin Really be the Burial Garment of Jesus?

Gary Habermas

I've checked out some crazy things over the years, but the two that make the most sense evidentially are near death experiences, which don't say Christianity is true. It just says religion is true and non-religion is false because there's an after life if that follows. 

Secondly, the Shroud of Turin, which would say if it is the burial garment of Jesus, it would say more specifically that Christianity is true. They're the only two subjects that I really think are head and shoulders above others with evidence. Obviously, I'm not gonna be able to lay the answers out for this quickly, but the man buried in the shroud is a person who apparently from all looks has been crucified.

Dozens of medical doctors have checked out the shroud. It is anatomically correct. The person has been crucified from all appearances. He's in a state of rigor mortis, a little hard to fake that. He's got postmortem blood flow, separation of blood in serum, he's been stabbed in the chest and that's where that postmortem blood flow is, some of it.

The man buried in the shroud is dead and here is the key. How do you get the image on the cloth? People think they could paint it on, they could do this, they could do that, but there's no paint dye, powder or any foreign substance on the shroud that could account for the image area. How does it get there? Well, we have hundreds of burial garments from people and there's blood on burial garments, there's decomposition on burial garments kind of, you know, duh. But there is no decomposition of the shroud. There is blood this man suffered, but no decomposition. But we have a bodily image and the image is a superficial image. It's on the top fibers only and it's a 3D image. You can see components of a 3D image on it.

For example, we can see through his beard. We could see teeth. How do you get teeth when the mouth is closed and the person is dead? Well, the image according to most researchers, the image on the shroud appears to be caused by radiation from a dead body, so how does that work? Well, whatever it is, is coming out of the body because of the ... If the teeth are inside and the light is coming through this way, it's bringing the things that are inside ... They think they can see the spine, for example, the bones of the back of the hands. The inner is being brought out by this process. Now he's dead. He's dead, but something is going on with the body.

The main view seems to be that at least three different kinds of radiation are coming out of the body, but he's at that delicate stage or he's dead, but something's happening to him. Imagine if he wasn't dead. Critics would be saying, "Ah-ha. It is real and Jesus didn't die on the cross." I mean, you know, anything to argue the other side. But the man on the shroud is dead, but this radiation is rather captivating. I'm really captivated by the teeth. That's one. There's many other things.

We know, for example, they copied off the shroud in Roman coins and artwork of the sixth, seventh and eighth centuries. They used the shroud and the carbon 14 from 1988 has been destroyed. That could show now that the cloth they used, the part of the shroud they dated in 88 was non-shroud material. They can explain it very simply, chemically by putting this cloth next to this cloth and either it is or isn't the same cloth. It's not. These are not the same materials, so I don't say the shroud has to be the burial garment of Jesus. I don't say that, but I say stay tuned. It may. It may not be. By the way, some more tests are going on right now. That's not out there in public, but some tests are going on and we might have answers. I'd like to see them.

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Originally published October 23, 2013.

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