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Time with God - July 12, 2017

Jul 12, 2017

Proverbs 3:32

“The upright are in his [God’s] confidence”

Your relationship with God can become the most open, trusting, caring, meaningful relationship in your life!

Think of your closest friend. It may be someone you have known since childhood and you have grown to be completely comfortable together. It may be your roommate from when you first moved out of your childhood home and the crazy experiences you had together bonded you so closely. It may be your spouse, the person who knows all your weaknesses and still loves you.

Imagine having that kind of comfortable, intimate bond of love in your relationship with God! Maybe you feel like you would be eager to have that kind of relationship with God, but you are not sure if he would have that kind of relationship with you.

This verse is your answer from God. “The upright are in his confidence.”

That means that if you are “upright”—if you will put God first in your life, if you reject those things that dishonour him and embrace the things that bring him joy, then God will reveal himself to you in a very deep way.

And once you have experienced the nearness of God when he opens up his heart to you and lets you know his presence as you pray—once you have experienced that, you will never be satisfied with anything less.

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