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Pas the Day - April 23, 2018


But the Lord took me from tending the flock and said to me,  ‘Go, prophesy to My people Israel.’ ” (Amos 7:15)
The people are asking, “Who is this rustic farmer that he should preach to us and claim to be God’s prophet? What kind of authority does he think he has?” Now, if an uneducated rustic farmer is preaching God’s Word, it means that God Himself has called him. Preaching is not a vocation that Amos would have chosen for himself; instead, it’s chosen for him by the Lord. When a prophet proclaims God’s Word, it’s because God is about to do something important and wants to warn His people. 


Be challenged by Romans 

Romans doesn’t let us sit still. In Romans, Paul talks about the obligation we are under to spread the truth of the Gospel and to engage with the culture around us. He talks about the journey we must make after we accept the God’s gift of salvation. We are called to leave our comfortable and easy corners and spread the message of Christ’s sacrifice to everyone around us, because we have been freely justified!


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