Discover the Book - Mar. 2, 2012


David’s Life of Finding Refuge

David suffers intense loneliness as he feels abandoned while he begins to live and work with a tough crowd.

Some practical steps to overcome loneliness are these: 

  • Deal with sin. Be sure that there is no unconfessed or unforsaken sin left in your life to give the Devil a place in your life. (Eph. 4:27)
  • Share your burdens. Clearly tell the Lord all your fears, all your struggles, all your pains—remember that He knows our frame that we are dust. (Psalm 103)
  • Abandon all self-pity. Constant self-sorrow is a one way ticket to loneliness. Self-pity denies we have a responsibility to deal with our emotions and thus frustrates any cure. As Jesus said, coming after Him means we deny our self (Luke 9:23). 

What simple lessons can we find in cave times? Use lonely times to grow. One of the greatest truths we can discover is that lonely times usually accomplish great discoveries about God. David is at the depth of loneliness. He has been on the run for years and now he is hiding in a desolate cave in a crowd of malcontents, feeling very much alone. He has two choices. Stay in the cave of loneliness, descend into self-pity and sin or look up and use the time alone to grow.  

Guess what David does? Psalm 142:5-7 is the answer.  

Trapped in a cave David baby sat four hundred fellow fugitives. That’s his address in Psalm 142. From the cave of Adullam he looks up and discovers some great truths about God. So can we. 

As we look there, why don’t you take a moment and mark these for someone else who may need them someday. Or even for you if you ever feel the twinge of loneliness in your life. Look now and find: 

·         When alone I learn that You alone are my trueREFUGE. Psalm 142:5a: loneliness means its time toflee to your Refuge. I will believe Your promise and turn to You as my Refuge right now.

·         When alone I learn that You alone are my true PORTION. Psalm 142:5b:  loneliness means its time tofeed on your Portion. I will believe Your promise to be all I need in this hard time.

·         When alone I learn that You alone are my true LISTENER. Psalm 142:6:'Give heed my cry': loneliness means its time tospeak to your Master. I will believe Your promise and pour out all my troubles to You who care for me.

·         When alone I learn that You alone are my true DELIVERER "bring” Psalm 142:7a:  loneliness means its time totrust in your Redeemer. I will believe Your promise and let You rescue me now.

·         When alone I learn that You alone are my true OBJECT OF WORSHIP  Psalm 142:7b:  loneliness means its time to adore your Lord. I will believe Your promise and worship You even when I don’t feel like it.

·         When alone I learn that You alone are my truePROVIDER“surround” Psalm 142:7c:  loneliness means its time torest in His Sufficient Provision. I will believe Your promise and let You surround me now with everything I need.  

So again we ask ourselves—is Christ my refuge? Is that a personal chosen reality or just a fact I’ve heard? God will rock your boat just to see what you will do. Loneliness is a tool to glorify God, to turn and trust and triumph, and to make some great discoveries about God. 

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Originally published March 02, 2012.