How Should Christians Vote? - Alternative View - July 3

How Should Christians Vote?

Scripture Reading:  Proverbs 26:121 John 3:3-7

To answer the question of how should Christians vote, I must speak theologically and not politically.  If you were to come to me for individual counseling, I would identify the causes of your personal dilemma, take my Bible and speak God's truth into your situation.

I would use the same Bible to prescribe biblical solutions to a family in shambles and a congregation in chaos.  The Bible that can put together a person, a home and a church can put a country back together. 

It's amazing that Christianity rarely comes up in the discussion about candidates, parties and party platforms.  God is more involved in this election than you might think.  The goal of government is to mirror the rule of God.  The less the government lines up with God's Kingdom, the less the culture will receive from God.  How should Christians vote?  Christians should vote from God's Kingdom perspective.

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