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Alternative View - October 16, 2017

Published Oct 12, 2017

Kingdom Parents Love God

Is loving God—and, by extension, loving people—what you are about? —Preacher Francis Chan

Jesus asked a lot of questions. He famously asked Peter three consecutive times, “Do you love Me?” Jesus’ questions often got to the heart of a matter . . . or a person.

Remarkably, Jesus summed up the entire Old Testament in a few sentences. It’s all about loving God and loving others. This ought to be every kingdom parent’s motto. Our highest priority is to love God and love our families. Our greatest teaching priority is to instruct our kids to love God and love others. It’s that simple.

Loving God with all our heart means submitting the core of our desires and affections to Him. Loving God with all our soul means placing the uniqueness of our personalities under His control. Loving God with all our mind means conforming our thinking to His Word. This all-consuming love for God is then to overflow to others.

Love is God’s idea, and it’s the most important element in creating a kingdom atmosphere in your home.


1. Where can you improve in loving God with all your heart, soul, and mind?
2. How can you model this all-consuming love for God to your family today?
3. What’s one way you can love your kids better today than yesterday?


God, You are worthy of all my love and affection. Give me the grace to teach my children to love You with all their heart, soul, mind, and strength. Amen.

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