Alternative View - October 21

What is Your Legacy?

Scripture Reading: Acts 20:16-24

Whether it's a high school competition or the Olympics, audiences get excited watching athletes compete in a relay race.  The key point of the relay is the passing of the baton.  No matter how fast the runners are, if one of them drops the baton, the team loses the race.

Leaving a legacy to the people in your life is a lot like passing the baton.  Legacy is about transfer, and what you leave behind can help someone else go further than you did.  What kind of legacy are you leaving behind?  Developing and passing on a true spiritual legacy doesn't just happen.  Like Elijah passing on the prophet's mantle to Elisha, you can share a Christian legacy. 

Think about the price Jesus paid to leave His legacy.  Because of His death and resurrection, you and I have the privilege and duty to pass this legacy on to everyone around us.

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