Activate - March 14


Read: Psalm 106

Key Verse: “Then they believed His promises and sang His praise.” - Psalm 106:12

Because God is gracious and reliable, He gives you promises. His covenant brings peace and joy to your soul. When His joy fills your heart, songs come forth. The sound of your voice returns to God’s ears. God is the initiator and receiver of our praise. Worship is a sequence that begins with God and includes your realization of His goodness. Have you been actively praising God in the midst of your full schedule?

There is a contrast in this psalm: some people proclaim God’s mighty acts but other people give no thought to His miracles and kindness. You have a daily choice how you want to follow God. Remember His favor, redemption, rescues, promises, and love. If you forget about God’s Word, you may become grumpy, complain, envy, and give in to temptation. Trust the Lord and enjoy life with a satisfied soul.

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