Activate - June 25


Read: Proverbs 14

Key Verse: “Stay away from a foolish man, for you will not find knowledge on his lips.” - Proverbs 14:7

It surprises some people that the Bible says to maintain some distance with certain people. Jesus loved everyone and prayed for all people, but He also chose very carefully who He would spend the most time with too. Why stay away from a foolish man? The two main reasons are for your protection and also for your integrity. A foolish man can harm you and also you could begin to imitate his ways.

You can recognize a foolish man by the fruit in his life. His lifestyle and words directly contradict the Bible. He does not want to be led by God’s Spirit. Pride, selfishness, and impurity are on display in his life. It will save you many headaches if you do not partner with a fool in business, leave yourself in a vulnerable position with a fool, become intertwined with his plans, or build a close friendship. You can have compassion and set limits at the same time!

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