Activate - January 5, 2014


Read: Psalm 2

Key Verse:“Ask of me, and I will make the nations your inheritance, the ends of the earth your possession.” Psalm 2:8

Psalm two describes the rebellion of the nations against God. As we read throughout the scriptures, Jesus is the King of Kings, and never loses control of the situation. From heaven, God sends his Son to reign over the nations of the earth. His power, wrath, and glory are unrivaled.

Jesus is building an eternal kingdom by redeeming anyone who will follow Him. To redeem means to buy back, and God purchased our salvation and paid the penalty of our sins through Jesus’ shed blood on the cross. God’s Son died so that people from every nation will be represented in heaven. The nations are His inheritance; Jesus reigns now and is using His people to spread the gospel.

How can you align with God and His global purposes? Don’t just be a spectator: you were made to participate in God’s most significant work! Consider one of these four options: 1) Go on a missions trip and share the good news about Jesus with people who don’t know Him. 2) Begin to pray for other nations, books like Operation World are very helpful. 3) Intentionally welcome people from other countries into your home as you share God’s love 4) Invite international students to your church.

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