A Word with You - Sept. 1, 2011


Not in a Hurry

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Our daughter was in a big hurry to get home that night in February, but her aunt wasn't. Her aunt had taken her shopping, and her aunt was taking her time. One more thing to buy; one more store to go to; oh, yeah, one more stop to make. Oh, we need to fill up with gas. Okay, I only need two gallons, but we need to fill up with gas. By the time our daughter finally got home, man, she was frustrated. She sort of sputtered as she walked in the front door only to be greeted by 25 of her best friends jumping out of the darkness shouting, "Surprise!"

Yeah, you guessed it; it was her birthday and believe me, it was a surprise. After she had some oxygen and some smelling salts, she began to realize the reason for all those delays. Time was needed to get her surprise ready. Maybe that's why you're waiting right now.

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Originally published September 01, 2011.