A Word with You - Nov. 13, 2012


Loving Me Ugly


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Some couples' wedding vows get tested sooner; some get tested later. My friends had theirs tested right away. When they went to Mexico for their honeymoon, they promptly picked up some Spanish speaking bug down there, and they got very, very sick in the middle of what was supposed to be their very romantic honeymoon. I think it was commonly called Montezuma's Revenge or something like that.

Well, in the middle of all of that, the power failed in the town they were honeymooning in, so they were left without lights and plumbing. And you thought you had problems! Well the good news is they loved each other through it all and they even finally found the grace to laugh through the mess they were in...even though neither of them looked very romantic or felt very romantic at all.

Oh, they did ok. They passed one of the most important tests of love. Remember those vows "in sickness and in health"? You know what? All of us are sick and ugly at certain times—unlovable. And we're pretty sure no one could love us this ugly.

urs." Go to our website. There's so much there that will help you on your way to Him. The website is YoursForLife.net.

You can be sure if you start toward God, He will run to you. Never in your life have you been loved like He will love you.

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Originally published November 13, 2012.