A Good Thing - November 21

  • 2021 21 Nov


Day 21 ThemeStrength and Encouragement
Be strong in the Lord, and in the power of his might– Ephesians 6:10

You have perhaps had someone at one time or another seek to comfort or encourage you in the midst of a personal trial by slapping you on the back and telling you to “be strong.” The counsel was well-meant but not too helpful. If you could just make yourself “be strong” then you wouldn’t need encouragement to begin with.

But Paul is here providing much more than a simple pat on the back and optimistic slogan. He is reminding us of exactly where all true and lasting strength comes. He is saying to you, “Turn your eyes away from your problems and place them on the Almighty.”

Perhaps you do not have the strength to tackle the huge challenges that are facing you now, but God does. He can give you the strength to go through them, or the ability to overcome them.

Stop relying on your own solutions, your own efforts, your own wisdom; instead, look to the wisdom of God’s Word and the strength of God’s Spirit to energize and direct your daily life. Confess your weakness and your helplessness to Him, and throw your burdens on Him.

Only God can give you the power you need in order to successfully battle with sin, with sickness, with selfishness, and with Satan. But He can and does give that power to those who turn to Him and rely on Him.

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