A Different Perspective - July 4

Never Enough

by Berni Dymet 

Matt. 14:15 When it was evening, the disciples came to him and said, ‘This is a deserted place, and the hour is now late; send the crowds away so that they may go into the villages and buy food for themselves.'

You know it never ceases to amaze me. The more we have, the more it seems as though - well, there's just never enough to go around.

Have you noticed that - the more developed an economy becomes - the more we each look after ourselves and the more the gap grows between rich and poor. And even the rich feel as though there's not enough. It's just the way it is.

Imagine then when there's a crowd of five thousand people out in a field. This Jesus has been preaching all day and it's getting late and He says to His disciples - They're hungry, let's feed ‘em! 

And they say Right?! What with? There wasn't enough to go around. And yet He takes a few morsels a few fish and loaves of bread, prays over them and feeds the crowd. All five thousand of them eat their fill, and there are twelve baskets left over.

Amazing the miracles that God's into. See we're driven by our wants. But He - He's driven by our needs.

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