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Partners in prayer


Some Christians find prayer comes naturally. Others truglle with it. But every Christian can pray. And every Christian needs prayer. It's a way we can love and serve each other.
And so it's great to overhear Paul's prayer requests here--because these are great things to pray for others, and great things to ask others to pray for us.

Praying for the message

Read 2 Thessalonians 3 v 1

  • - What had the message of the Lord done in the short time Paul was in Thessalonica?
  • - What does it mean for the message "to be honored?" (Hint: look back at 1 v 8)
  • - How will verse 1 shape your own prayers?

Praying for the messengers

Read verse 2

Notice that Paul says in verse 1 "pray for us." The way the message of the Lord sperads is through His people. It's great to pray for the gospel message to spread rapidly; it's right that we also pray for gospel messengers to speak confidently.

  • - What does Paul need God to do (v 2)?

Not everyone "has faith" (literally "has the faith"). This is always a key danger for Gospel messengers: the people they take the message to are people who do not yet trust it! Som, gloriously, will trust the message they hear. Many, tragically, will not. Some, sadly, will persecute the messengers. In some cultures that means ridicule, rejection, being passed over for promotion...in others, arrest, torture, and execution. So danger was a frequent companion for Paul, and countless Christians ever since.

  • How will verse 2 shape your own prayers?



Which gospel messengers could you pray these prayers for today?

  • - messengers in other countries.
  • - messengers in this country.
  • - messengers who lead churches.
  • - messengers in the home or workplace.


Praying for maturity

It's great to ask others to pray for us--and it's great to tell them how we're praying for them...

Read verses 3-5

  • - What does Paul trust that God will do for the Thessalonian Christians?
  • - What are Paul's "prayer priorities" for them?
  • - Why is verse 5 a great summary of Christian maturity?
  • - How will verses 3-5 shape your own prayers?



Time to get on with praying. Use the verses we've looked at to help you...


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