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God sent the angel Gabriel



Elizabeth had experienced a miracle: but her son was only the support act. He was to "make ready a people prepared for the Lord" (v 17). God was about to step onto the stage, and in the most unexpected way



It's said that "familiarity breeds contempt," and this can be the case with the Christmas story. Pray now that God would enable you to be struck by this story afresh, to see new truths in it, and to be moved to praise and love God more as you read about what He has done.



Read Luke 1 v 26-29

  • - What details does Luke tell us about Mary (v 26-27)?
  • - How did Mary react to the angel's words (v 28)? Why, do you think?

Visits from heaven are not comfortable experiences. Just as Zechariah found (v 12), and just as the shepherds would soon find (2 v 9), Mary doesn't find it easy to be caught up into God's plan.

Some Son!

Read verses 30-33

  • - How does the angel describe the son Marry wil carry?


Read verses 34-38

  • - How does Mary's response to Gabriel in verse 34 show more faith than Zechariah's (v 18)?
  • - What details does the angel give her (v 35)?

There's a glimps here of the members of the Trinity working together to fulfil God's promises. The Father has sent Gabriel (v 26); the Spirit will cause Mary to fall pregnant; the one to be born will be "the Son of God" (v 35).

  • - Why would Elizabeth's experience (v 36-7) help Mary to trust the angel's words?

Mary was a young girl, probably aged about 13. In Israel, betrothal was binding, like marriage. A woman caught in adultery faced shame and possibly stoning.

  • - What is amazing about Mary's decision in verse 38?

Mary is a great example of faith in God's plan. Unlike Zechariah, she doesn't seem to doubt whether God's plan will happen, she simply wants to know how it will happen. And she turns her back on any prospect of a safe, secure life in order to be part of what God's doing in the world.



  • - How does what we see of God here encourage you today?
  • - How does Mary's attitude challenge you today?


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