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Deserves full acceptance (1 Timothy 1 v 12-20)

Deserves full acceptance 1 Timothy 1 v 12-20

Today’s study contains one of the most startling, and scintillating, statements anywhere in Scripture.

Who I was
Read 1 Timothy 1:12

• How does Paul describe himself before he became a Christian (v 12-14)?
• How does he still view himself, even after all these years of being an apostle (v 15)?

What He did

• What has Jesus done (v 15)?
• What is both startling and scintillating about this fact?
• Why do we need to be able to say the second part of this “trustworthy saying” before we can appreciate the first part?

This is the gospel message: that we are more wicked than we could ever realise, and in more eternal trouble than we could ever imagine—and yet we are more loved, with a future more wonderful, than we could ever have dared hope.

Spend some time speaking to Christ Jesus now.
Begin with the second half of Paul’s trustworthy saying, and confess your own sinfulness to the Lord.
Then take the first half of that saying to prompt you to praise Christ for coming to save you—even you

What we do
Read 1 Timothy 1:16

• What is Paul doing in verse 17? Why is this the right response to the truth of verse 15?

In the past, Timothy had clearly been spoken of by other Christians as someone called into church ministry (v 18). And
this letter is Paul’s “instruction” to him as to how to fulfil those “prophecies” made about him.

• How does Paul sum up what Timothy is to do (end of v 18)?
• How can he do this (v 19)?

The Christian life, and especially Christian leadership, is a fight, a struggle. But struggling on is far better than being
shipwrecked, which is what happens when we reject our conscience (v19). This happens to real people (v 20), who end
up having to be excommunicated (that’s what Paul’s phrase in v 20 means) in the hope that this will shock them into
returning to Christ.

• Is there any way in which you’re ignoring what your conscience is telling you? Listen to it now: ask God’s forgiveness (remember v 15!), and then get on with living in line with what you know to be right.
Verse 15 is a stunning verse! Why not memorise it now and carry it with you always?

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