Alternative View - July 7, 2016

Your Heart, God’s Home

In His Presence: “I will rebuild the tabernacle of David which has fallen, and I will rebuild its ruins, and I will restore it” (Acts 15:16).

What makes the place where you live merely a house? What transforms it into a home? Many people purchase houses that never become their home while others live in an apartment they do not own, but they consider it home. The thing that makes a house a home is not a deed or piece of paper. Rather, it is the relationships that are shared by those who live within its walls. If there is a lack of love and respect, then you simply have a meaningless building framed with brick and mortar. However, if the relationships are firm and loving, even a small apartment can be a lovely place to live.

God has a favorite home. In Acts 15:16 He tells us that one day He will rebuild the tabernacle of David. It always helps to understand what God does not say. He doesn’t say that He is going to rebuild the tabernacle of Moses or the grand temple of Solomon. Instead, He says, “I am going to rebuild the tabernacle of David.”

What is so special about the place that David built? The answer is in Acts 13:22, “[God] said, ‘I have found David the son of Jesse, a man after My heart, who will do all My will.’” It was David’s character that drew God to his home. And it was through that kind of devotion that the Messiah would reign. Therefore, the tabernacle to be rebuilt was the spirit of David’s kingdom.

The Lord loved to be with David because David loved being with Him. He passionately sought the Lord’s presence. Therefore, David’s tabernacle was unlike that of Solomon’s because it was more about God’s kingdom than a place to practice rituals. Though grand, Solomon’s temple had veils within that separated the people from God. But David’s kingdom was an example of love and obedience to God. David was always ready to worship; he was always in the presence of God.

This is what the Lord desires for us. He wants our hearts to be His home—His place of worship where He can meet with us and know that He is welcomed. Is your heart a heart of worship and one that seeks the God of love and truth?

One Minute Please

The passion of any house of worship must be Jesus Christ. Then it will be God’s home.

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