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In the exercise of His will He brought us forth by the word of truth, so that we would be a kind of first fruits among His creatures. - (James 1:18)

One of the major determining factors to know if you are putting God first in your life is to ask yourself where you turn when you have a decision to make. When you have a problem to resolve, or you need guidance, do you turn to people first? Do you turn to your desires first? Or do you look to God, His Word, and His principles first? Getting God’s perspective on a matter and then applying it to the particular situation you are dealing with is one revealer of God’s position in your life.

If you are a parent, do you recall saying these words to your children, “Why didn’t you talk to me first? I just wish you would talk to me first.” Oftentimes parents will let their children know that they could have avoided mistakes or problems in life if they would have simply sought and followed their advice as parents first. While this holds true in parenting, it holds even more true with God.

Perhaps you are wondering why you are not hearing from God or experiencing His abiding presence and victory in your life. God’s answer to your question is simply, “Because you don’t look to Me first. In fact, you go to the world—a system that leaves Me out—first. And then you only come to Me when none of that works out.”

The key to kingdom success is found in this monosyllabic word: First. It is in the prioritization of the rule of God over every area of life where the power of kingdom living is realized.

Reflection: Where do you turn first when you face a crisis or an important decision? What does your decision-making say about your priorities? How can you put God in first place in today’s issues and choices?

To prioritize Your kingdom—to prioritize You—is the key to living a life filled with Your abundance. Lord, I see that—it’s just that I sometimes get distracted, and I forget. Gently nudge me and remind me to put You first when I have forgotten to do so.

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