Birthdays on September 29

Catherine McAuley (1787 to 1841)
Roman Church
Helping the hopeless, she inspired Sisters of Mercy.

Catherine McAuley was born near Dublin, Ireland. She became the foundress of the House of Our Blessed Lady, from which the Sisters of Mercy sprang.

Thomas Tenison (1636 to 1715)
Church of England
Can you name the society he helped found?

Thomas Tenison was born near Cambridge, England. He championed Protestantism during the reign of James II. He served as bishop of Lincoln and archbishop of Canterbury and was a founder of the Society for the Propagation of the Gospel.

William E. Biederwolf (1867 to 1939)
Chaplain in the Spanish-American war.

William E. Biederwolf was born in Monticello, Indiana. Converted at 20, he served a year of chaplaincy during the Spanish-American war and afterwards became a noted evangelist. All classes of men were converted under his powerful preaching. He compiled a wonderful summary of Bible prophecies related to Christ, known as The Second Coming Bible.

This Day in Church History:

September 29, unknown Michael the Archangel
September 29, 1642 Ren Goupil Tomahawked
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