Birthdays on July 5

Emma Revell (1843 to 1903)
She helped a great man succeed.

Emma Revell was born in London. Her family moved to Chicago in 1849. Of strong Baptist convictions they joined a local congregation and there she met D. L. Moody. She was well educated; he had only a fifth grade education and his grammar was atrocious. She was "polished" in the best British fashion; he was crude. She suffered from asthma and migraines most of her life and was home bound; he had boundless energy. Moody was an extrovert. She liked to remain in the background. Emma was what Dwight needed--a balance wheel. They were married after a two year courtship. God used her in the home where she raised their children and prayed while he labored in the public eye. Emma died in 1903.

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