Time with God - May 26, 2011



John 3:16-17

For God so loved the world, that He gave His only begotten Son, that whoever believes in Him shall not perish, but have eternal life. For God did not send the Son into the world to judge the world, but that the world might be saved through Him.

As John Stott has said, “What dominated Jesus’ life was not the living but the giving of His life!”

Think about that statement for a minute. What would need to change in your life for that to be a description of you? What makes it even more amazing in Jesus’ life is that all of creation was made for Him (Colossians 1:16). We were made to honor and glorify Him.

But although He had the right to allow all things to be focused on Him, God chose to give, to sacrifice for us. If He had not, we would have no hope of ever being right with Him. There was no other way.

God wants you to know today that giving is in His heart; it’s a part of His character. Because of that, He has given you the ultimate gift — the life of Jesus poured out on the cross. Now that you’ve received the unbelievable blessing of His gift to you, He wants to make giving a part of your character too.

“God so loved the world that He gave…”Well, how much do you love?

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