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Meditating on the teachings of the Hebrew songbook

August 20

Psalms 104:32
He looketh on the earth, and it trembleth: he toucheth the hills, and they smoke.

The volcano rumbled, then fell silent. Clouds of smoke billowed from its crown, and the people in the towns surrounding it made hasty plans to leave. Experts were assuring people that there was no immediate danger, but when the old mountain began to grumble, the people tended to listen to it rather than the experts. Wisdom being the better part of valor, the neighboring residents departed until the danger was clearly through.
In nature there is mighty destructive power. This world of God's contains forces beyond our wildest dreams. It is wise to respect the forces of nature, and it is wise to respect the forces of our Lord. No one can challenge the Lord as to truth and justice. God wields the true power, and He does so with perfect love and compassion. God has made His desires known to His children. To ignore the rumble is foolishness.
Prayer: Lord, make me an obedient child and a willing follower. Break my willful nature, and help me to see the wisdom of Your ways. Amen.

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Wisdom From The Psalms is a popular daily Bible devotion.  This Wisdom From The Psalms devotional offers wisdom and insight for applying Biblical truths to the ups and downs of everyday life to help you grow spiritually.  Spiritual growth doesn't just happen.  You have to constantly strive to grow in the Word of God and Jesus Christ.  Reading daily devotions provides srength and encouragement in your daily walk with Jesus Christ.

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