The Four Spiritual Secrets - October 24, 2016

MBC Daily Devotional


 “…but you seek first the kingdom of God and His righteousness and all these things will come to you as a matter of course.” - (Matthew 6:33 J. B. Philips translation)

The message of the entire Bible can be summed up in just two words: “God First.” That is not easy. In fact that is impossible without the Holy Spirit (1 Corinthians 12:3). But that concept is not complicated. We complicate this proposition because we do not want to put God first. However, over and over again in the Scripture the bottom-line truth in a Psalm, in the life of a Bible character, in a parable, a metaphor, or a teaching of Jesus will come down to this simple concept: “God First”.

I was blessed to have a godly mother. She often said to me: “If Jesus Christ is anything to you, then Jesus Christ is everything to you. Because until Jesus Christ is everything to you, Dick, He isn’t really anything to you.” As I have studied the values of Jesus Christ carefully, I have realized that my mother had the support of her Lord when she brought my profession of faith to a verdict the way she did.

The verse listed above is the conclusion of a study given by Jesus regarding values. He taught that our heart is where our treasures are. He taught us where our treasures and our heart ought to be. He challenged us with questions like, “Where is your heart? What are your treasures? What is your life? What is your body?” and “Who is your master?”

The conclusion to this marvelous treatise on values was the clarification and declaration listed above. Think of a target with a bulls-eye surrounded by ten or twelve circles. According to Jesus, the bulls-eye of our priority target should be that our first value is God. We are to put Him first. If we will do that we have the promise of Jesus that God will bless us with everything we need.

Any time we even think about the values of Christ these two words should immediately surface in our heart and mind: “God First”.

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