The Four Spiritual Secrets - July 25, 2016

MBC Daily Devotional

The Four Conquerors

“…   much more those who receive abundance of grace and of the gift of righteousness will reign in life through the One, Jesus Christ.” - (Romans5:17)

Here the Apostle Paul describes the fourth in a series of four conquerors. Each of these conquerors does three things: they enter, abound, and reign. The first one is King Sin. He sounds like a Chinese King. He enters this world and our lives. Paul doesn’t get into a heavy discussion here of how this conqueror entered this world. He just makes it clear that his intent when he enters is to abound and reign. We can’t co-exist with him. Like a malignant tumor his intent is to kill us.

A second conqueror that always follows King Sin is King Death. Even in these days of economic downturns the wages paid by King Sin are always the same. They are death, or the pits. We might say these first two conquerors are the bad news.

The third conqueror Paul presents is Queen Grace. And the fourth conqueror is King You and King Me. We can definitely say that these last two conquerors are the Good News. Just as Kings Sin and Death enter our lives to abound and reign, it is possible for Queen Grace to enter and reign in us in such a way that we can reign in life through Jesus Christ.

In these four conquerors Paul is telling us what God has to do that we might be justified or declared righteous. Then he tells us how God makes it possible for people who have been declared right to get right, be right and do right ‘til the stars fall.

We can enter, abound and reign in Christ and in life.

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