The Four Spiritual Secrets - July 27, 2016

MBC Daily Devotional

Perceiving, Believing and Becoming

 “… Will the thing formed say to Him who formed it, ‘Why have You made me like this?’” - (Romans 9:20)

In an old prayer hymn we find words that tell God to have His own way with us because He is the Sculptor and we are the clay. That prayer then asks our Sculptor to mold us and make us after His will while we are waiting as passively as clay in the hands of our perfect Sculptor.

The antithesis of this prayer is expressed in the words of the Apostle Paul quoted above. His question is essentially “Can you imagine clay talking back to its sculptor asking, ‘Why are you making me this way?’” As believers we should always be perceivingbelieving, and becoming who God wants us to be and not who we want to be.

How do you feel about the way God has made and is making you? Do you meet yourself in the prayer of the old hymn, or are you like the clay that is talking back to its Sculptor?

An underlying cause of unhappiness in professing believers is that they’re not who God wants them to be and, at least subconsciously, they know it. The cure for that unhappiness is to become as passive as clay, tell God we just want to be who He wants us to be, and then perceive, believe and become that person. We cannot be anything more and life is too precious to be anything less.

Have you ever heard of the Spiritual Triple-A Club? It is made up of those who pray to God “Anything, Anywhere, and Anytime. Are you willing to become as passive as clay that doesn’t talk back to its sculptor and then join that club?

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