Powerpoint - March 15, 2016

How You Can Avoid Becoming a Cynic

March 15, 2016

Why do you pass judgment on your brother? Or you, why do you despise your brother? For we will all stand before the judgment seat of God.

Romans 14:10

A friend of mine told me about a man who was always criticizing the church. This man was at church one day and he saw the custodian cleaning the floor with a brand new mop. He was infuriated! He went to the pastor and told him, “What makes you think we can afford a new mop? The old one was just fine!”

The pastor told him it was the church treasurer’s decision to buy the mop. So the man went off to the treasurer and voiced his opinion. He was fuming, “You always talk about being short of our budget, and then you go and buy a new mop?!”

With a smile on his face, the treasurer calmly answered the man, “You know, I’d be pretty upset too if all the money I’d given to the church over the past year was tied up in a mop!”

Perhaps you’ve noticed that those who criticize the most tend to be the ones who contribute the least. Whether it be at church, at work, or on a project, critics and cynics are right at home pointing out problems rather than being part of the solution.

Don’t be an uncommitted critic. Work together with others in ministry and help move the mission of your church forward. Avoid being a cynic by being actively involved in the local body!


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