Leaves of Life - August 27


  • William Woollett born 1735.
  • James Thomson died 1748.
  • George W. F. Hegel born 1770.

Who are thy playmates, boy?

"My favorite is joy,

Who brings with him his sister Peace, to stay

The livelong day.

I love them both; but he

Is most to me!"

And where are thy playmates now,

O man of sober brow?

"Alas! dear joy, the merriest is dead,

But I have wed

Peace; and our babe, a boy

Newborn, is joy."

—John B. Tabb.


Depart from evil, and do good;

Seek peace, and pursue it.

—Psalm 34. 14.


Lord God, may I realize more my dependence on thee for the joys of life. I pray that as I accept thy gifts I will not neglect to take the peace and happiness which thou dost give with them. Grant that I may have the bright hope and cheerful courage that is the experience of power and truth. Amen.

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