Leaves of Life - August 18


  • Virginia Dare, first English child born in America, 1587.
  • Dr. Henry Hammond born 1605.
  • Robert Williams Buchanan born 1841.
  • John Russell born 1792.

Pour out thy love like the rush of a river,
Wasting its waters for ever and ever,
Through the burnt sands that reward not the giver;
Silent or songful thou nearest the sea.

Scatter thy life as the summer showers pouring.
What if no bird through the pearl rain is soaring?
What if no blossom looks upward adoring?
Look to the life that was lavished for thee.


Who is the happiest person? He whose nature asks for nothing that the world does not wish and use.

Freely ye received, freely give.
—Matthew 10. 8.

My Father, I pray that I may have the sympathy that responds with consideration and devotion. May it be a joy for me to give comfort and render service where I may help. Grant that I may not linger too long in happiness and miss thy blessings, but remember that to "travel hopefully is a better thing than to arrive." Amen.

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