Integrity Moments - April 20, 2016


From Me to We
By:Rick Boxx
April 20, 2016

In David Brooks' book, "The Road to Character," he highlights the change our culture has taken towards a more individualistic society from our past community-minded approach. One indicator of this trend are the words commonly used.

The trends, according to Brooks, are revealing a large increase in using words such as "self," "I can do it myself" and other words that emphasize "us" as individuals. While community-oriented words, like "share," and "community," have fallen dramatically.

According to Brook's research we've become a more narcissistic society.

Romans 15:1 teaches, "Now we who are strong ought to bear the weaknesses of those without strength and not just please ourselves."

As leaders, it's time to turn our focus from "me" to "we." Giving credit for successes to your team instead of yourself is a good start.

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