More Than Lip Service - Ed Young Television Devotional - 8/17

Ed Young Television Devotional

 More Than Lip Service

“Loving God means keeping his commandment…” -1 John 5:3

The Christian life can be described in many ways. But if you were to boil it down to one word, that word would be “obedience.” God has some great things in store for our lives. But what it all comes down to is our willingness to do what He says. It’s not blind obedience, though. It is willful obedience based on a relationship with Him. It’s because of our love for God that we are obedient to God.

True thankfulness for what God has done for us is lived out through our obedience. It’s one thing to say you love God; it’s another entirely to SHOW it. Don’t just give God lip service by telling Him you love Him. Instead, show Him (and the entire world) that you love Him by obeying those things He has commanded you to do. It’s the greatest show of love you can give Him!

Obedience is not always easy. So when you are having difficulty remaining obedient to God, pray for the discipline you need to do it. Then, thank God for all He is going to do in and through your life because of your obedience.

One of the biggest areas we are called to be obedient to God in is our finances. It’s also sometimes one of the most difficult. Take a moment right now to pray for the discipline to remain obedient to God with your finances. Don’t simply tell God you love Him; take Him up on His offer to test Him in this area of obedience. You’ll be glad you did!

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