Hit the Jackpot - Ed Young Television Devotional - 7/13

Ed Young Television Devotional

Hit the Jackpot

And now, O Lord, hear their threats, and give us, your servants, great boldness in preaching your word. Acts 4:29


The gamble we choose to make is so often determined by those we choose to listen to. Like a high roller, we want to go for the big win. And we place our bets based on what is influencing us during the game.

In the game of life, when we gamble with God we listen to people above God. However, when we gamble FOR God, we listen to God above people. And there is no better voice to listen to in directing us as we risk and gamble each day.

Who are you listening to when it comes to the advice about the gambles you make? Listen to God first and foremost. And take the risks He has for you. Because when you do, you will hit His jackpot!


Thank God for His direction and voice in your life. Pray for the wisdom to not only hear God’s word, but to take action and place the bets He has in store for you.


Take a relational risk today. Invite someone to join you at church this weekend – someone who has never been to church before. Don’t worry about their response. Simply focus on God’s call in your life to place bets for Him!

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