How Well He Knows Us - Ed Young Television Devotional - 2/10

Ed Young Television Devotional

How well He knows us; how much He loves us

“Indeed, the very hairs of your head are all numbered.” >Luke 12:7


Just because someone has a relationship with Jesus does not mean that everything in their life will be right side up. The reality is, we all face those “upside down” times in life. But the more we understand about Jesus, the more we can gain the right perspective during those times. We can come to realize that we are not alone.

One of the most powerful realities about Jesus is how well He knows us. Today’s verse reminds us of that. Jesus knows us so intimately and so completely that there is nothing in our lives that is hidden from Him. The great news is that even though we aren’t perfect, He loves us just as intimately and completely as He knows us. That reality should give you the perspective that no matter what you are facing in life; no matter how “upside down” things get, there is hope that our all-knowing and all-loving God can turn things right side up.


God is omniscient (He knows all), omnipotent (He has power over all), and omnipresent (He is everywhere) – and He loves you. Praise Him for that reality, and reflect on what that could mean in your life.


John 3:16 is likely the most quoted Scripture verse, but we should never glance over it. Read that verse now. Then, write it down on a card to carry with you as a reminder of just how much God loves you. 

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