Make the Move - Ed Young Television Devotional - 1/12

Ed Young Television Devotional

Make the Move

“For you are all sons of God through faith in Christ Jesus.” Galatians 3:26


Yesterday we learned that when we live in God’s will, we are supernaturally blessed. One of the biggest blessings we receive is becoming part of God’s family. The Bible uses the picture of adoption for this.

When we “make the move from Moab” and choose to reside in God’s will (much like Ruth did in the book of Ruth), we find ourselves being adopted into God’s family. That adoption is something that can never be undone. In other words, once we are in God’s family, we never have to worry about being kicked out. It’s time to make the move and experience that blessing.

Have you experienced the blessing of being adopted into God’s family? If so, have you told others about it?


Thank God that by putting faith in His Son Jesus we can become adopted into His family. Remember that, as soon as you make this decision, you can’t lose your place or lose your identity.


If today or recently you have become part of the family of God, tell others about it! Talk to someone at one of our weekend experiences at any FC location. Then, go public with that decision by being baptized.

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