Alternative View - November 11, 2016

Grace Freely Supplied

Finally, be strong in the Lord and in the strength of His might. - (Ephesians 6:10)

Do you ever feel weak and helpless in the struggles of life? The strength that you need to successfully do battle with the devil has already been supplied to you by God. You already have all that you need to win this war. Your strength is not accumulated nor is it earned. It is supplied by the grace of God, who equips you to live the life to which you havebeen called. Paul penned, “Be strong in the Lord, and in the strength of His might.”

Notice in the passage that Paul tells you to be strong in the Lord. In your humanity, you do not have the power to overcome angels—even fallen ones like the devil and his legions. God Himself is the only One capable of putting the devil in his place. He is the One who empowers you to achieve victory in your encounters with darkness, because your victory rests in Him.

Doing battle with Satan requires more than a dose of willpower. All warfare requires weaponry. Spiritual warfare requires spiritual weaponry. These weapons are given to you by God, and when you wear and apply them, you are assured the victory that God has in store for you. Your strength comes from Him. Wear it well and you will experience His victory in your life.

Reflection: Where do you need strength today? What have you been relying on to supply your strength? In what area do you need God’s wisdom? Pray for His strength and His wisdom, and wait on Him.

God, my strength is in You. I do not have the ability to overcome Satan or his demons or their schemes in my own strength. But You have more than enough power to do so if I will align myself under You and tap into Your strength. Give me a reminder somehow when I am starting to face my battles alone. Gently nudge me that I may remember to find my strength and victory in You and in Your might.

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