Alternative View - December 15, 2016

God’s Covenantal Covering

I will establish My covenant between Me and you and your descendants after you throughout their generations for an everlasting covenant, to be God to you and to your descendants after you. - (Genesis 17:7)

Yesterday we looked at how God’s covenants are a lot like umbrellas in that they cover and shield you from the rains of life.The umbrella does not stop the rain from raining, but it does stop the rain from raining on you.

Another way to understand God’s covenantal covering is when we look at it similar to the armor of God that Paul speaks about in Ephesians 6. The armor is there to protect you, but if you do not “put on”the armor, it does you little good. Knowing that the sword of the Spirit is the Word of God, yet refusing to learn, meditate on, and apply the principles of His Word to your own life will not open up the access you need to benefit from this sword. Similarly, the belt of truth holds things together in your life only as you adhere to this truth in your thoughts and actions.

Likewise, if you have an umbrella and it is raining, yet you leave the opened umbrella in another location rather than hold it over you—or have it and refuse to open it—the umbrella will not fulfill its function with regard to you. In order to fully benefit from God’s covering, you not only must be in His covenant, but you must align yourself under His covenantal rule in your life. You need to learn and apply the values of Heaven to your choices, thoughts, and desires on earth. It is in keeping the words of the covenant that you truly experience the prospering—emotionally, physically, spiritually—in all that you do.

Reflection: How is the armor of God similar to God’s covenantal protection? What does it mean to align yourself with God’s covenant? Read Ephesians 6, and pray for God to give you the grace to walk in His strength and not your own.

Lord, help me to never waste the full provision that comes with being in covenantal alignment with You. I want to maximize and fully utilize all that it contains.

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