Activate - October 28


Read: Psalm 7

Key verse: “He who digs a hole and scoops it out falls into the pit he has made.” - Psalm 7:15

The measure you use against other people will be used against you. Have you ever tried to undermine someone? What were the results? How many times has someone tried to slander you only to have it backfire against them? In conflict, you honor God when you take the high road. Don’t stoop down and match the shady tactics of your opposition.

When people gossip, don’t slander. When people spread lies, walk in the truth. When people steal from you, don’t hold on to bitterness. When people persecute you, continue living for Jesus. When people try to close doors of opportunity, keep looking to God for the next promotion. When people don’t keep their word, maintain your integrity. The rewards will come from God, and He is accumulating treasures in heaven for you.

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