Activate - January 6, 2014


Read: Psalm 3

Key Verse: “But You are a shield around me, O Lord; You bestow glory on me and lift up my head” - Psalm 3:3

What else could go wrong for David? He had escaped the attacks of King Saul by God’s grace several times. God protected David when it appeared his life would end. Have you had any close calls with death? David probably figured that once he became king, no one would ever try to eliminate him. Then his own son, Absalom, decided he would attempt to kill his father. Can you imagine being on the run with your child pursuing you with murderous intentions?

Where do you turn when even your own family turns against you? David’s only remaining option for protection was also his best option. God is our refuge and a help in times of trouble. What trouble are you in now? Have you learned how to rely on God as your refuge?

Take time to seek God in your most dangerous situations. 1) Tell God exactly what is happening to you and the threats you are sensing to your well-being and your soul. 2) Ask God how you should respond to the danger. 3) Do not despair, but let God encourage you deeply and lift up your head once again!

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