Activate - January 20, 2014



Read: Psalm 13

Key Verse: “But I trust in Your unfailing love; my heart rejoices in Your salvation.” - Psalm 13:5

Do you ever say the word “unfailing”? What does it describe? Now think about how many aspects of your life that are changing. In times of transition, we often cling to what is constant. The cross reminds you of God’s sacrifice, dependable love, and desire to befriend you.

David shares his challenges openly with God in Psalm 13: 1) Feeling forgotten 2) Sorrow in his heart 3) Wrestling with his thoughts 4) Enemies triumphing over him 5) Foes happy about his failures 6) The proximity of death 7) A stumbling faith. Yet, David chooses to trust God and His steady, covenant love. The result is singing and praise instead of despair. God’s love is the anchor for your soul in a world that is in flux and confusion.

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