Activate - August 27, 2015



Read: Proverbs 25

Key Verse: “If you find honey, eat just enough-too much of it, and you will vomit.” - Proverbs 25:16

There are three groups of pleasures on the earth. First, there are some that God says to never do (ask Adam and Eve about this one). Second, there are some that have no limits to your intake (praying, loving people, worshipping, believing God’s promises, having memories of a good experience, showing compassion, filling of the Holy Spirit in you, etc.). The third group is the trickiest because some can be good but too much is bad.

I remember as a child running to 7-Eleven to spend all of my money on treats. What started out as enjoyable turned into a major stomach ache and sugar buzz. In America, the mentality is often: The more, the better or Bigger is better. God’s perspective is different. For example, do not let a good relationship or good job take the place of God as your number one in life. Enjoy your blessings but do not create idols. Your soul will be most content when you eat just enough.

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