Abiding Above - November 18, 2015


Leaving Your First Love-Part 3

November 18, 2015


Revelation 2:4– “Nevertheless I have this against you, that you have left your first love.”

Jesus commends good works and Jesus condemns coolness in our relationship with Him. This coolness is in our churches and among believers and it is a deliberate act. We get into a maintenance mode just like cows going to a barn. This is the way we do it and we don’t change. We are more proud of the fact that we don’t change then we are of people getting saved and people being discipled and growing up in Christ. 

This can happen at any church and with any believer if we do not keep God first in our lives and keep the main thing the main thing. You see, it is the individuals that make up the church, and when we as individuals loose our first love it affects the local church. My friend, have you lost your first love and your devotion to God? Today get alone with God and ask Him to search your heart.

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