Abiding Above - November 12, 2015


A Rest For Your Soul-Part 9 

November 12, 2015


Someone has said this, “Weary working burden one, wherefore toil you so, cease your doing, all was done long, long ago.” We would be surprised how much doing and stirring around, working, fretting, and fuming we do. My friend, if we truly have an eternal perspective on things, we would see things complete and finished for we only need to walk and abide in all that Jesus has done for us on the cross. 

Many souls today suffer from all kinds of conflicts and tensions, many who were seeking to find a cure in Christian service without spiritual power. Do not do this. Learn the message of surrender first, and when you do your giftedness and what you are suppose to do will rise to the top.

My friend, we are free in Christ, and when we walk in the spirit we have confidence in the direction that God is leading in our lives.

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