God’s Love is Eternal - UpWords - Week of Jan. 16-22

God’s Love is Eternal
by Max Lucado

Human love is convenient. It suits the needs of the person at the time and works into his schedule. God’s love is eternal. You are always on His itinerary. Human love is emotional. Hormones, sleeplessness, worry, past hurts, Mexican food—all complicate these emotions.

God’s love is committed. While God has feelings for us, his feelings do not dictate his love. His love is based on a decision to love us. Your actions don’t increase or decrease his commitment. In fact, if you never love God, he will still love you.

One thing human love has going for it– you can see it. God’s love is just as real but not quite as tangible. We will see it, in time and for eternity, as we gaze into the face of God and his Son, Jesus Christ, while we stand in the presence of God in heaven!  And, oh, what a day that will be!

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