A Guilt-Free You - UpWords - Week of Dec. 12-18

A Guilt-Free You
by Max Lucado

If you are in Christ, your sin is gone. It was last seen on the back of your Sin Bearer as he headed out to Death Valley. When Jesus cried on the cross, “My God, my God, why have you forsaken me?”—he entered the wilderness on your behalf. He carried your sin away.

Open yourself to the idea of a guilt-free you. This may be difficult. You have dragged around your past for so long you can’t imagine yourself without it. Jesus sees a revision of your script. Give God your guilt! Pray this simple “pocket prayer.”

“Father you are good. I need help. Forgive me. Place your guilt on the back of your Sin Bearer!

Before amen—comes the power of a simple prayer! My challenge to you? Every day for 4 weeks, pray 4 minutes—a simple prayer. Join me at BeforeAmen.com—it’ll change your life forever!

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