Marketplace Meditations 6/14

Dissolving a Partnership

June 14


"So Lot chose for himself the whole plain of the Jordan and set out toward the east. The two men parted company" (Gen 13:11).

My friend Danny and I have known each other for many years. Several years ago he was in a teaching session I was giving about Abraham being a great example of dissolving a partnership. When Abraham and Lot realized their families and livestock could no longer live off the same land, there had to be a separation. The question was, how should the separation take place? In the natural, it would be logical that the senior partner would make the decision and get first choice of the land options.

However, Abraham told Lot to choose where he wanted to live. He was totally at Lot's mercy. Sodom seemed to be the most fertile and logical place to locate. So, Lot chose Sodom. Abraham moved to a place called Mamre.

Danny had come to a decision that the Lord desired him to dissolve their partnership. The partner questioned Danny, "How are we going to divide our accounts?" "That's easy. I want you to choose the accounts you want and I will take what you don't want." This was quite a step of faith for Danny but he felt the leading of the Lord to make this offer.

Sure enough, the partner chose the very best clients they had, and left Danny with accounts that generated less than 20% of the revenue. Danny was surprised, but did not challenge his partner. However, he did have a conversation as they parted ways. "I can see the decision you have made. I can tell you that you have made a very poor decision that God will not bless. You should know that because of your decision, you can be assured that the value of your clients will go down in the coming months." Danny had no basis to make this assumption other than the story of Abraham and the Holy Spirit's prompting inside of him.

Months passed and Danny had some lean months. However, over time those small accounts gradually increased in value and the accounts his partner had decreased. It was a profound lesson to Danny and to his former partner.

Sometimes, faith requires total trust in a future outcome you cannot see.

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