Somebody Loves You - December 26


SATURDAY 26 December, 2015

Refine & Strengthen

“Therefore You are great, O Lord God. For there is none like You, nor is there any God besides You, according to all that we have heard with our ears.” - 2 Samuel 7:22

This is so cool; seeing the heart of David and how much he loved and worshipped the Lord. After he asked God why He would bless him and his house so tremendously, David began to praise and worship Him. He knew all the blessings came from God and He had no reason to bless David other than His glory and His greatness.

As David looked back on his life, it was so easy to see the hand of the Lord guiding and directing his path. He knew he had done nothing to earn or deserve the blessings of the Lord, but in His incredible goodness, God used his life and he was blessed because of it. Although he had gone through tough times running from Saul, God’s hand was always upon him, protecting him.

I think that is an important lesson for each one of us. We cannot think God cannot help us in times of trouble. God never abandons us during trials. He is with us in the middle of the trials, guiding and protecting us. Often, like David, there are lessons to be learned in the trials, but God will protect you and keep you from real harm.

When we go through trials, we have to recognize the greatness of God and the will of God. He has a plan for everything we go through. We may be reaping something we have sown, but, be sure, God has allowed us to experience the trial to refine and strengthen us. He could take us out of our trials, but we will be less affective without them.

We have got more from Paul’s prison house than from his visit to the third heaven.
~Andrew Bonar~

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